Welcome to Rustic Pup! Our story begins in 2019 when dad Patrick Taylor ruptured his disc while remodeling homes and needed back surgery. We knew his days of heavy construction were over. But Patrick still dreamed of building things. One day, he surprised our family with a rustic, hand-stained wooden sofa table that was also a crate for our dogs Cooper and Daisy. He had replaced our ugly wire crate with a spacious, luxurious home that blended into our décor.

A family affair The new venture allows us to be creative and work together. Our 11-year-old son drills holes while Patrick cuts wood. Our 10-year-old and 16-year-old daughters love to sand and stain the furniture. Mom Tabitha helps customers design the perfect crate for their dogs and cats. We transform them into rustic sofa tables, TV stands, banquet, entry and end tables, and accent pieces. We are grateful that Rustic Pup gives us the freedom to homeschool our children and support their competitive dance and tennis sports. Thank you for supporting our family owned and operated business!