Updated December 30th, 2022

Shipping Outside of Oklahoma: Shipping is available to limited locations within the US. Please contact us directly prior to ordering to confirm if we ship to your location. 

What is the typical turnaround time once my order is placed? Currently we are able to ship out or deliver within 4-6 weeks. 


When will I be charged for my order? You will be charged upon ordering: on our website, by phone or email. We will confirm order and let you know when we begin working on it. Once we begin working on your crate there is no cancellation or refund.


What are the standard sizes of crates? Please refer to our Shop Now tab on the home page for all standard sizes and standard color options.


How are the crates delivered? Your crate can be delivered nationwide, shipping rates will apply. We work with a third-party company for deliveries. They use well known national companies. All crates are packaged as furniture. The company will pick up from us in Tulsa, OK and deliver to your driveway or door. They do not take your crate inside or unpack them. We suggest you have at least 2 people available to help you move your crate indoors. These items are very heavy and bulky.  If you are within a 30-mile radius of Tulsa, OK we do offer FREE delivery. You are always welcome to pick up your crate from us directly.


What are the crates made out of? All crates are made at time of order from scratch. We use solid wood, rebar, metal screws for woodworking, metal hinges and metal latches. The stains are oil based and sealed with a polyurethane top coat. Some crates are painted vs stained (white, black, or custom color).


What standard color/finish options do the crates come in? Stains: Golden Oak, Aged Barrell, Early American, Dark Walnut, Weathered Gray. Painted: White, Black


Can I have a custom finish done on the crate? You can always request a custom finish on your crate. Price will be determined based on finish request.


Are the crates “accident” proof? The flooring of the crate is stained and multiple coats of polyurethane are added on top. You can also add a plastic tray if you feel the need, some pet stores sell these.


What if my dog chews up the kennel? We are not liable for chewed up crates. So far, we have yet to have a dog chew up or damage a crate. If you are concerned with this feel free to spray your crate with a no chew dog spray such as bitter apple or reach out to your vet for additional suggestions.


Do you offer custom built sizes? Absolutely, we love building custom crates to best fit our clients needs.  Simply email or call us and we can work up a custom quote.